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Iron mold sand-coated casting production line
Source:本站 Author:admin Published on:2014-09-22 14:15 Reading times:3685

sand lined iron mold casting line2

Main features of iron mold sand-covered casting production line:

     1. It is suitable for the production of 40mm-150mm chrome alloy series cast balls and Aobe series cast balls, with an average production capacity of about 2 tons/hour per unit;

     2. The principle of flexible and open operation is adopted, with a high degree of automation. There are 4 stations in the whole line, and the number of workers is 5;

     3. Pouring method: use bottom pouring constant temperature pouring machine or multi-point ladle pouring;

     4. The equipment has more than ten invention patents, which are mainly reflected in: double-station core shooting machine, integrated riser forming, automatic sand falling, automatic blowing, intelligent temperature control design (mold condensation box opener, sand shooting mold temperature Control) and other patented technological innovations.

     5. The whole line can be equipped with dust removal and smoke removal environmental protection devices to meet the working environment of modern enterprises.