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Graded Liners

Product Name: Grading Liner
Product Category: Graded Liner
Product number: 04
Product information: The grading liner in the ball mill can realize that the particle size gradually decreases in the process of grinding the material from the grinding head to the grinding tail. Let the steel balls in the mill be distributed from large to small according to the particle size distribution law from the grinding head to the grinding tail.

Product introduction

When the material has just entered the second warehouse, due to the thickness of the material, it needs more impact force, so the big ball should be placed in the front of the second warehouse. The material at the end of the second bin is thinner and needs less impact force, but more grinding action, so a smaller grinding body should be placed. In order to realize the arrangement of grinding bodies from small to large from the inlet to the outlet, the grading liner plays a vital role.
The number and shape of the grading liner depends on 1. The size, speed and type of the ball mill. 2. Special requirements of customers. 3. The nature of the grinding body. Main advantages:
1. Compared with the ungraded liner, it can increase the grinding efficiency. 2. The grading liner can prevent the material from being over-ground. 3. Give full play to the role of the grinding body.
4. Reduce the maintenance cost of the ball mill and increase the production capacity. Grading liner pictures:

Application case diagram of graded liner: