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Step liner

Product Name: Mill Step Liner
Product Category: Ladder Liner
Product number: 02
Product information: Step liner is the most widely used kind of liner. It is mainly divided into flat step liner, curved step liner and grooved step liner.

Product introduction

Step die liner is a kind of barrel rest liner, which not only protects the barrel rest of the ball mill, but also plays a role in lifting. Although the flat ladder lining board is designed to be simple in wood mold manufacturing,
However, the lifting friction coefficient of each point varies greatly, and the variation of the eye lifting angle will cause uneven friction, so the comparison of the application. The most widely used is the liner pass
Curved surfaces or grooves are often added to the flat stepped liner to increase the friction coefficient, so that the grinding body in the mill can be completely thrown away under the drive of the liner, thereby improving the working efficiency of the mill.
Ladder liner product map
Double hole curved step liner

Ordinary step liner