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Grinding head liner

Product name: Grinding head liner
Product Category: Grinding Head Liner
Product number: 01
Product information: The main function of the grinding head liner is to protect the inner wall of the end cap from being worn by the grinding body and materials. If the design is reasonable, it will also play a certain role in reasonable classification.

Product introduction

The stepped lining plate is a kind of cylinder side plate, and it also plays a role of lifting while protecting the cylinder of the ball mill. Plane step form liner is measured and designed. This model advertisement is simple
However, the lifting friction coefficient of each point changes greatly, and the change of the eye lifting angle will increase the uneven seat rubbing. Therefore, it is less used. Now widely used is the lining board
Curved surfaces or grooves are often added to the flat step liner. In order to improve the friction coefficient, the grinding body in the mill can be completely thrown away under the driving of the lining plate, and the working efficiency of the mill is improved.
Product drawing of step liner:
Double hole curved step liner