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Enterprise Internet announcement
Source:本站 Author:govland Published on:2011-07-12 16:18 Reading times:2881

With the prevalence of Internet commerce, network information emerges one after another.

Recently, when searching the Internet, our company found that there are a lot of information about our company on the Internet, but most of them are published information registered by individuals. The amount of information is large, and there are many false and suspicious places, which has seriously disturbed the company's price system. In view of this situation, the company decided to assign special personnel to clean up all kinds of information unfavorable to the company on the Internet. Order the infringer who uses the company's name, logo, website pictures and website dynamics to modify his website without the permission of the company. If it is difficult to modify, the company will cancel the relevant websites through the audit system of each website.

The entrusted registrant of the company's Internet information is Mr. Yu Huanfeng. Contact information: Tel.: 0563-4431066 Fax: 0563-4431077 mobile phone: 18805636222 email  。 New and old customers are requested to identify the authenticity online. Except for the contact information provided on the company's official website and this contact information, all other registration information sources are not published by the company.


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