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Xinma wear-resistant with innovation leading the market
Source:本站 Author:govland Published on:2014-09-16 16:16 Reading times:3507

On the morning of March 22, the signing ceremony of industry university research cooperation between China building materials Ningguo Xinma wear resistant material Co., Ltd. and Hefei University of technology was held. Zhang Chaoyang, vice president of Hefei University of technology and director of Xuancheng Campus Management Committee, Zu Fangqiu, professor and doctoral supervisor of Hefei University of technology, Liu inventing, member of the Standing Committee of Ningguo municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, Zhang Yongqiang, director of the Development Zone Management Committee, and Wang Zhengjiang, general manager of Xinma company attended the signing ceremony.


Also attending the ceremony were the heads of relevant units directly under the municipal government and representatives of Hegong University and Xinma company. Vice Mayor Liu invented a speech and unveiled the "industry university research cooperation base of Hefei University of Technology (Ningguo Xinma)".


At the ceremony, Liu inventor pointed out that relying on the talent and intellectual resources of Hefei University of technology, Xinma wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. carried out industry university research cooperation and established a wear-resistant casting R & D base, which will have a positive impact on the enterprise to further improve the scientific and technological content of products, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, extend the industrial chain and expand the production scale. At the same time, it will also play an important role in promoting the construction of independent innovation capacity and improving the level of scientific and technological innovation.


Liu Jianfan stressed that Xinma company should take this activity as an opportunity to further strengthen management, explore and innovate, and promote the early results of bilateral cooperation. He hoped that relevant departments would further improve the service level and create a better environment for enterprises.