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Jordanian customers visit our company.
Source:本站 Author:admin Published on:2015-05-27 16:00 Reading times:2837

Today, William, a trader from Jordan, came to visit our company and was warmly received by the leaders of the company. William visited disa line and large ball production line, fully affirmed our steel ball automation level, and put forward many professional questions. Then he visited workshop 2 (casting workshop). Through understanding, he knew that we can produce not only various wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials, but also resin sand castings (gray iron and nodular iron), He spoke highly of our company and looked forward to purchasing more wear-resistant materials from our company in the future.

customer of jordan

Group photo in front of the office building

Customer from jordan

Walking on the road of workshop 2


Come out of the spectrum detection room


The technical problems related to wear-resistant ball and casting are discussed