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Training of new sales staff in Singapore and Malaysia in 2015
Source:本站 Author:admin Published on:2015-04-01 10:01 Reading times:2818

From March 28 to March 31, 2015, the main leaders of Xinma company held a four-day training for new salespeople in the sales training room on the 5th floor, with a total of 6 courses.
The training contents are as follows:
1. Basic knowledge of steel ball, product related quality standards, after-sales service and other related matters. Speaker: director Lv of quality department.
2. Knowledge of lining plate, wear-resistant parts of crusher, nodular cast iron, gray cast iron and other castings, divided into two courses. Speaker: Director Xu, director of the second workshop (casting workshop).
3. Introduction to the company's financial system, employee travel and reimbursement process. Speaker: Minister Chen of finance department.
4. Training on industry legal knowledge and precautions for contract signing. Speaker: Lawyer Hu.
5. Training in sales strategy and business etiquette. Speaker: Sales Department Director Hu.
6. General manager Qi of the company's sales carried out extended training for cement industry, mining industry, metallurgy industry and power plant. Including the wear of steel ball in each industry; In various industries, common lining materials and their service life; The development status of each industry and the demand for wear-resistant materials.
At the end of the training course, the sales felt that they received a lot of goods, which strengthened the employees' confidence in the company and improved the sales confidence. It has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up sales work. The following is a picture of the training course: