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Xinma wear resistance leads Ningguo's industrial intensification
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  "We are one of the few domestic enterprises with resin sand automatic production lines. The wear-resistant materials produced have been sold to Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sudan, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Albania and other places. We also produce wear-resistant materials for international cement enterprises such as larage, Heidelberg and cemax." Recently, Lu Youqin, professor level senior engineer of Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute and vice president of Xinma wear resistant company, told the author.

In fact, Xinma wear-resistant company has not been established for a long time, only more than a year, but in this short year, Xinma wear-resistant won its own position in Ningguo City, which is known as the "capital of wear-resistant castings in China". To sum up, having a new company is the three key factors.

Joint efforts of two major enterprises

China building materials Ningguo Xinma wear resistant material Co., Ltd., established in December 2009, is a reorganization of the original Ningguo Xinma wear resistant material company and Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute. Although Xinma wear-resistant company has not been established for a long time, it is now a joint-stock enterprise of professional wear-resistant materials integrating scientific research, development and manufacturing. It is reported that the enterprise now has a registered capital of 20 million yuan, covers an area of 142665 square meters, and has more than 300 employees, including more than 40 professional and technical personnel. In 2010, it recruited three master's students majoring in materials. Zu Fangqiu, a Chinese wear-resistant material expert, professor and doctoral supervisor of Hefei University of technology, was specially hired as the technical consultant of the enterprise.

After having such superior congenital conditions, the board of directors of Xinma wear-resistant company proposed at the beginning of this year that the output value should reach 200 million and the sales revenue should reach 170 million. From January to April, Xinma has achieved a sales revenue of 70 million yuan, 30%.

In Lu Youqin's view, the target of 200 million proposed by Xinma was nearly 30% completed in the first quarter, which is mainly due to the strong cooperation of the two major enterprises.

Before the reorganization, the weight of a single product produced by Hefei Institute wear-resistant and heat-resistant material factory will not exceed half a ton. Due to the production equipment, large parts cannot be done at all. Therefore, we can only make some wear-resistant materials with high added value, great difficulty and unwilling to be done by other enterprises. After the establishment of China building materials Ningguo Xinma wear-resistant material company, the production capacity has quadrupled, and now high, medium and low-grade products can be produced. As for the lining plate, the new company has added a resin sand production line, which has become one of the few wear-resistant material manufacturers with resin sand production lines in China.

It is understood that before the resin sand production line was adopted, the company's wear-resistant materials are often difficult to export due to poor appearance quality. After adopting the advanced resin sand production line, the export of wear-resistant material products has greatly increased. "Our goal is to produce this high-quality wear-resistant material and make continuous breakthroughs." Lu Youqin said.

With the joint development of the two major enterprises, the high income of Xinma company is like an iron nail.

High standard control of product quality

Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and Xinma wear-resistant materials are fully aware of this.

According to the author, the current product types of Xinma company basically include all wear-resistant products in the market, and the sales volume is very good. "This is mainly the reason why Xinma company has high requirements for product quality and ex factory product quality." Lu Youqin said.

Taking ball forging products as an example, as a class II Company in the wear-resistant industry in Ningguo City, Xinma wear-resistant company has always strictly required the production process and carried out quality control according to the standards of large enterprises in the same industry, which is the key factor for Xinma wear-resistant company to remain invincible for a long time.

In addition, Lu Youqin introduced that Xinma company provides users with two services in the sales of lining plate and compartment plate wear-resistant parts: first, high-quality wear-resistant materials to improve service life; The second is to provide the structural design of lining plate and compartment plate, and provide the commissioning scheme of process parameters such as steel ball gradation and silo length ratio, so that users can obtain the additional benefits of increasing production, saving electricity, improving the specific surface area of cement and reducing metal wear at the same time. Therefore, the sales mode of lining plates and other wear-resistant parts is different from that of other domestic casting enterprises: when the user puts forward the intention of purchasing lining plates, first let the user fill in a "mill questionnaire", and put forward the structural design scheme of lining plates and compartment plates, as well as the chemical composition, heat treatment process, mechanical properties and service life indicators of materials according to the process, equipment and process data of the mill, Then negotiate the price. The sales of hammer head is similar. Comprehensively consider the structure of crusher, material properties and other factors affecting the service life of hammer head, and then discuss and confirm the material, technical indicators and price of hammer head. This sales model gives full play to the advantages of Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute in grinding technology, and combines with wear-resistant material products to serve users, so that users can obtain greater value-added benefits. This is similar to magotteaux.

Lu Youqin believes that the quality of lining plate hammer wear-resistant parts is mainly reflected in three aspects: chemical composition, casting process and heat treatment process, in addition to the factors of whether the structural design is reasonable or not. Firstly, the content of precious alloy elements such as chromium, molybdenum and nickel is the primary factor to determine the comprehensive mechanical properties of wear-resistant parts, followed by heat treatment process. Taking medium alloy steel as an example, properly increasing the precious alloy elements such as chromium, molybdenum and nickel will increase the cost by about 20%, but the service life can be increased by 1-2 times. By adding a pretreatment, the cost increases by hundreds of yuan, and the use safety of wear-resistant parts can be greatly improved. If the manufacturer can only reduce the content of precious alloy elements and simplify the heat treatment process in order to reduce the production cost, the result must be that the quality and service life of wear-resistant parts cannot be guaranteed.

Lu Youqin also called: at present, in the bidding of wear-resistant materials products of some large domestic cement enterprises, the price is often used as the primary factor in bid evaluation. The supplier can not do business at a loss, but can only reduce the content of precious alloy elements, simplify the heat treatment process and provide low-grade products. The decline of service life will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the consumption of metal materials. Such development will seriously hinder the upgrading of wear-resistant materials in China; For cement enterprises, the production cost increases instead; It runs counter to China's policies of energy conservation, emission reduction and green manufacturing.

According to different customers and different application conditions, different chemical composition, casting process and heat treatment process are used. This treatment method has become one of the key factors for Xinma company to occupy a place in the wear-resistant material industry.

Keep improving component testing

Testing is another indispensable procedure and guarantee in the production of wear-resistant materials. Therefore, Xinma wear-resistant company has adopted a one-stop testing policy in the treatment of component testing. There is a specific testing scheme at each stage from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The strict standards and excellent measures convince the industry.

In terms of the selection of detection means, Xinma wear resistance mainly adopts the spectrum detection commonly used in the industry. The spectrum has the characteristics of high timeliness and fast speed. All elements can be detected at one time. Generally, the error of detection results is small, but there are some deviations occasionally. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, Xinma company proofreads the results by manual detection and confirms the results through double detection to ensure the product quality.

This serious and responsible attitude of Xinma company has become another key for it to develop into a professional wear-resistant material joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and technical services in more than a year.

Three factors boost growth

With the strong combination of Hefei Institute, high-quality and professional talent team and accurate and realistic quality assurance, Xinma wear-resistant materials not only realize the expansion of the company's scale and the improvement of product quality, but also a leap in its reputation and reputation in the industry and even in the whole country.

During the one-year development period, Xinma company has successively won the honorary titles of top 30 enterprises of wear-resistant materials, contract abiding and trustworthy units and enterprises of qualified products. The "Xinma" brand product series produced by the company has also won the titles of "top 10 key promotion brands in Anhui manufacturing industry", "Anhui famous brand product certificate" and "top 10 brands of well-known wear-resistant materials in China".

Xinma now has a professional standardized production workshop, equipped with more than 30 sets of advanced production equipment such as medium frequency induction furnace, automatic polishing machine, inertial ball machine and automatic heat treatment oil quenching production line, as well as various heat treatment means of air quenching, fog quenching, oil quenching and water quenching, as well as direct reading spectrometer, metallographic image analyzer, Rockwell and Richter hardness tester Precision testing equipment and testing equipment such as ball dropping testing machine have an annual production capacity of 50000 tons.

Xinma's wear-resistant materials include all varieties, including wear-resistant ball, section, mill lining plate, compartment plate, grate plate, crusher hammer head, impact plate and heat-resistant steel. The leading product "Xinma" brand wear-resistant materials are widely used in metallurgy, thermal power, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. They are favored and praised by customers for their high hardness, good toughness, less crushing and greatly reducing production costs.

Strive for excellence in quality and continuous innovation in technology. According to the current development trend, it is not far for Xinma wear-resistant materials to become one of the leaders in the industry.