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Resin sand production line
Source:本站 Author:admin Published on:2014-09-22 14:51 Reading times:4731


The resin sand production line is composed of magnetic separation belt conveyor, vibration crushing regenerator, centrifugal rotor secondary and secondary regenerator, sand storehouse, bucket elevator (3 sets), mobile double-arm continuous resin sand mixer, pulse reverser. It consists of blowing dust collectors and other equipment.

Its main functions: (1) Minimize the environmental pollution caused by the waste sand removal, so that more than 90% of the waste sand can be regenerated and reused. (2) Since the surface of the regenerated sand particles is smooth, the particle size distribution is uniform, and the micropowder is less, it can save more than 20% of the expensive resin. (3) The regenerated sand has good thermal stability, less thermal expansion, stable chemical properties, lower acid consumption value, and easy control of resin sand properties, which is conducive to improving the quality of castings and reducing defects such as veining and mechanical sand sticking. (4) The old sand can be recycled and reused, which can further reduce the cost.