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High chromium wear-resistant cast ball
Product name: high chromium wear-resistant cast ball
Product Category: High Chromium Cast Balls
Product number: 01
Product information: Chromium alloy casting wear-resistant balls are white cast iron casting grinding balls with chromium as the main alloying element. The full name of high-chromium cast ball is high-chromium white cast iron wear-resistant ball, also known as high-chromium steel ball, high-chromium alloy cast ball, referred to as high-chromium ball, which refers to the lattice of eutectic carbide containing more than 10% chromium. The type is mainly cast balls of (Fe, Cr) 7C3. It is the most used grinding body. Commonly used in cement industry, mining industry, metallurgical industry, power generation industry and construction industry. The medium frequency electric furnace is used to smelt the reasonably matched high-quality scrap steel and chromium alloy materials; and the molten iron is micro-alloyed and tempered; then a unique metal mold and sand mold casting process is applied; and then high temperature quenching + tempering A martensitic matrix is obtained after treatment to achieve higher hardness and wear resistance.

Product introduction

Features: 1. The raw materials are all bearing steel scraps, containing copper, molybdenum, nickel and other precious metal elements, which can effectively improve the matrix structure of the steel ball, make the grain more refined and the structure more dense. 2. Single refining process: All products are produced by medium frequency electric furnace, which effectively ensures the stability of the material. The content of sulfur and phosphorus in the product is extremely low, and it is not easy to peel off and deform during use. Even if it runs for a long time, it can keep bright and round. 3. The heat treatment adopts the most advanced and reasonable large-scale automatic oil quenching production line. The hardness and uniformity of the product have reached a new level. The hardness and toughness are maintained at a more reasonable intersection point. The casting production line produces a diameter greater than 40mm, and the boxless molding casting production line is used to produce wear-resistant casting balls with a diameter of less than 40mm, which can achieve smooth surface and high internal and external hardness: all surfaces of the steel ball have uniform internal and external hardness, and various indicators are better than national, Industry standard, good wear resistance, stable product gradation, and long-term operation, which can effectively ensure high and stable production of the mill. High chromium alloy cast ball products: