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The first training meeting of the 2017 Spring Festival of Singapore Malaysia Airlines was held as scheduled
Source:本站 Author:储召军 Published on:2017-02-09 10:31 Reading times:10171

At the beginning of the new year, around the guiding ideology of "openness, inclusiveness, truth-seeking and breakthrough", we unswervingly promoted the implementation of the "five-year development outline of Singapore Malaysia Airlines". With one heart and one mind, the whole staff sounded the battle horn of "fighting 2017 and welcoming the 15th anniversary celebration of Xinma company with excellent performance".

According to the established plan, the three-day training work will be carried out as scheduled and orderly from the tenth day of the first month. This training course covers: basic knowledge of product technology, working conditions in product application field, process introduction, management knowledge, marketing skills, popularization of legal knowledge, etc. The training lecturers include the company's technical consultant, legal consultant, deputy general manager of technology, executive deputy general manager in charge of sales, and specially invited grinding technology experts of Hefei Institute. With professional theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, they broadened their horizons and conducted a brainstorming for the majority of students.

The first phase of 2017 Spring Festival training started the journey of struggle in the new year and ignited the hope of spring. Xinma people who work hard are bound to devote themselves to the daily work of realizing the objectives of the company's five-year development outline with Xia's enthusiasm.